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Is there a vendor spot on this thread?

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I am wondering if there is a way to promote my dad's store on here. He has been selling for a few years but has been too busy to really expand and does not have the know how. This seams like a great place to promote his store but with this site having their own store i am not sure if they are willing to let me promote anything or if they are willing to give me ideas on how to help him promote.
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Hey tom, wait for a response from Buckfever. He will steer you in the right direction as to going about in advertising.
Thanks for the info. I will keep checking back.
We dont have any free areas for online stores. Now if he manufactured (made) the product himself out of his home than we would have a spot.

There are so many online stores we could not begin to let them all list for free.

You could purchase advertising for it online. To be honest though online ads do not work very well for small stores. It only works well for big name brands that people can go out and buy in their own neighborhood. Unless you can rank your site in the search engines and get free traffic your not looking at a very profitable business.
Thanks for the info. I do know it is hard to get into. He has been doing this for around 2 years. That is why i was looking to see if i could have the link in my signature so they can click on our site if they want.
10-4.. If we allowed it for one we would have to allow for all.

Then our forums would become 1 huge ad spot.
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