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Is there a good weather site for checking barometer pressure?

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I'm trying to find a weather site where they show pressure and I can't seem to find one:mad:

Is there a hunting weather site or something that specifically has the pressure readings for daily or weekly forecasts??:confused:

You know how deer react to the pressure:wink:
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I've been going on and using the local weather search (type city or zip code) and that will give the 10 day forecast and even the hour by hour weather for a 2 day stretch. It includes wind speed/direction, precip chance. etc. I don't know about the barometric pressure though. Hope this helps.
the best way to "Weather method" Deer is to know what todays temperature is and THEN if it's a lot colder tomorrow, deer are going to be on the move or if it's a lot warmer than yesterday deer will be on the move.

the point I'm trying to make is if the temp is rising rapidly, deer will move
if the temp is falling rapidly, deer will be moving
if the temps remain the same from day to day without drastic increase's or decrease's deer will be lazy and not move much. is usually pretty accurate so use them for pre planning the next days hunt. :thumbup:
Try your local TV station web sites. One of the local chanels here shows the wind speed and direction real time which is very usefull for deerhunting. It also show the current metrics for the area including barometer.
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