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Is Remington having problems with their shotshells?

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On Thursday 3/3/2011 we were called by the local conservation warden to see if we would like to join a depredation hunt for turkeys on Saturday 3/5/2011. We had signed up for depredation hunts so of couse we jumped at the chance. My boyfriend needed more shotshells for his H&R Pardner 12 ga, so we went and bought a new box of Remington 12 ga shotshells. On the morning of the hunt, my boyfriend went to shoot at some turkeys and when he pulled the trigger all he heard was "click". Thinking that his glove had gotten in the way, he ejected the shell, reloaded it and tried again-----"click". Out of the first 5 shells out of the box, 3 were misfires. He did not try any more shells, he was so frustrated. It was suggested to him by the 13 other hunters that maybe it was the firing pin, but upon checking the shells, it was found that the dimples in the primers of the non-firing shells was as deep as the shells that did fire. Now by our calculations, 3 out of 5 is a 60% failure rate.

He tried for 2 hours to try to get on but could not find anywhere to file a complaint. Sunday I went on line and got an email address to contact them. We sent an email detailing the product failure and got an auto response with an Incident number. Today I was waiting for response----nothing. I actually was on Facebook and found a remington page. I wrote to them about the problems and actually got a response of a sort. They told me to call the toll free number without giving me an extension or department to contact, and if I could not get through, they also gave me another email address and that if I emailed them that they would call me. I emailed the second email address and told them everything and even gave them the Incident number and all the other information and still have not heard anything. Most reputable companies respond to complaints the first business day at least to keep the lines of communication open, but this hasn't happened.

It makes me think twice about buying anything from Remington, whether it is ammunition or a reliable firearm.
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Ouch.. Havent heard of Rem having any problems like this recently.

If the site gets an email or anything pertaining to this I will update you.
I have shot a lot of Remington ammo and have never had a bad bullet(except for .22 cal. which you always get a few duds no matter what brand). Maybe you had a bad box.

Hope you find the problem or another good brand.
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