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Is it worth it?

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Well, I have finally convinced a landowner to lease me a small section of river land that is probably one of the best spots to kill a big deer in Oklahoma. This general location is well known for producing giant deer, and every year many great bucks come from here. I have never paid a dime to hunt, and thought I never would...but this is different. I think I would be paying for potential...lots of it. I have been on the place and checked it for tracks and sign and it looks amazing. The only problem is that for this relatively small spot the guy want about $25/acre. That is insane! It is an unbelievable spot, but I don't know if I can make myself justify that amount of money. Maybe I am just behind the this a reasonable price?
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We pay less than 5 per acre in Arkansas. Seems pretty steep to me.
is this a monthly charge. iv never done a deer leas.
Nope...set up 1payment/year.
I think if you have a gold mine for a trophy buck then the lease $ are small regardless of the amount of acres involved. I think $10-30 per acre in southern Ohio is the norm.
Thanks HM, just trying to justify the expense. I would love to finally have an opportunity to shoot a giant whitetail, and I think this place would give me that. My wife is the one fighting me hard on this...I have to prove to her it's worth it.
i think il is up around $50 in the golden triangle.
WOW!!! That will help...:)

I am starting to think it is worth it. She will just have to deal with it...I'm getting it!
Ok...cut him a check today for the rest of this year and next year's hunting season. I hate to pay to hunt, but definitely plan on getting my money's worth in antler.:yes: I plan on hunting out there hard the next three weekends, and then season's over.:thumbdown:

Hopefully I can get some stands hung this weekend...just have to come up with a good story to get out of christmans stuff!! It will be interesting to see if all the stuff he has told me about deer movement on this place is true.
Here's a thread from last year that I posted about a friend of mine that shot a couple bucks...they were just across the river from the place I just leased.
Here's another pic I found of the high scoring deer...

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If that's from the area you are going to be getting into I would sleep in the doghouse and on the couch or whatever it takes.
That's about as good as it gets, what a buck!
Great buck
if you can kill giant bucks its well wort it..
wowsers!! Great deer.

I dont like the pay to hunt either but if you are on a lease you know the other guys your hunting with, you can manage the land however you want because of fewer hunters.

I know quite a few folks that lease land in Kentucky for around $15 an acre and then they have to waste vacation days and drive forever just to hunt it. I would rather pay more money and not have to drive so far to hunt.

If I had Oklahoma deer land close to me that produced good deer I dont think I would have an issue with paying for it if thats what I wanted.

You can always move to TN and pay $5 an acre!!
Yeah, I ended up leasing this by myself. I had a couple buddies I was considering sharing it with, but decided against that. Kinda disappointed them, but I think it is better this way so I can control the pressure. I told them I could still take them out for a weekend sometime, and I think that helped. Of course it cost me three times as much money...but I think I will have three times the chance to kill a giant this way.
I spent my first day on the place on saturday. After looking the place over a little more I found a spot where four heavy trails came together and set up my ground blind there and also put a trail camera nearby. I sat there all afternoon and evening. I saw a couple small bucks, and one bigger buck at nearly dark, but the big one was well out of range. I couldn't tell much about the rack, but his body size was impressive. I think I may need to get a tripod stand as the trees where I want my stand are too small to hang one. I think if I was up a little higher I may be able to see more of the brushy area that I am hunting. The wind switched halfway through the evening, and it was too late to move, so I just sat it out. Ended up being a bad idea because I heard one blow directly downwind after the switch. Maybe next weekend the wind will be better. It was blowing a steady 20 with gusts up to 30 on saturday.:rolleyes:
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good deal flexj. now you can get a tripod or elevated blind in so the deer get use to it by next season.
sounds good just get it in writing that your hunting the property exclusivly otherwise who knows how many people hes leasing to
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