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Is it Hunting Season Yet!!!

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Anybody able to hunt yet? In TN you can hunt in the morning on some select TWRA land. Next weekend is when bow opens in full force. I cant wait!!!!!
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My big game season starts on september 27th.they already had a first frost in the area.some small game is open and resident geese
Archery season opens Oct. 4th for us Vermonters
Oct. 1 for us in Mississippi needs to hurry, I'm loosing way to much sleep.
We have been open since Monday 9/15. Going this afternoon and tomorrow.:pickle::biggrin:
Since the 15th and you haven't posted that big boy's pics yet???
Oh you're slacking!!! :lol: :lol:
Yes I admit it. As we all know the economy is not up to pare so I need to be a little more aggressive with business to make sure my butt is covered. AND IT IS KILLING ME NOT TO BE OUT THERE!!!!!:no:
I hear ya. If Opening day came along and I wasn't able to hunt
I'd be having withdrawals and would have to check myself in for IV's and a LOT of Nursing care :w00t:

Just kidding wmi, Good luck this afternoon & dont forget the Camera! :thumbup:
wmi it looks like you the only one getting time in the woods. You lucky dog. Its awful close for everyone else though.

Around my house Im seeing alot of movement in the evenings right now.
Bank that cash while ya can the economy stinks.better to be an ant than a grasshopper:lol:Good luck this weekend
Our season here opened September 6th. Been a few times, seen some, no shots yet...... Now that the hurricane has moved through I'm hittiing it full force this weekend...
It's october 1st for us here in Oklahoma. I am getting a little anxious these last few weeks, but there is too many bugs and allergens out right now anyway.
Finally went out Sat. afternoon and passed a nice P&Y buck. Was at full draw twice at only 10 yards. The problem was I knew he was only 3 1/2 old. Could not hardly bare it however I would have been mad at myself if I did. Only deer I saw all afternoon. What a rush though, cold chill and all.:thumbup:
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