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Is he a shooter?

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So, what do you guys think. Would you shoot this buck? How old do you think he his?

If he has two brow tines then he appears to be an 11 pointer. I think if I get a shot at this buck, I'll take him. Just curious as to what you guys think.
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I wouldn't hesitate with this one, he's definately 3.5 but could be 4.5 years old and even though the pics arent the greatest quality,
I dont see any antler mass so I wouldn't wait on this one to get any better. Good Luck with him
I'm with BB on this one . . . . . he's definitely one I'd be trying to put into the freezer.

Good luck and good hunting!!

I agree with others, he appears to be a mature (at least 3.5) 10 (11?) pnt that would not walk away from my stand, if I had anything to do with it. I am not from the camp that says they must shoot a bigger buck than they've already shot to make it worthwhile. A mature buck with a pretty rack is in grave danger if I'm not asleep in my stand. :whistling:
I agree to shoot, is it a 4.5 year old? A facial picture would give additional info on age but I really don't see too much age just a full bodied Wisconsin really nice buck. 3.5 max to me. No question I'd shoot.
Thanks guys. It kind of looks like his left G2 and G3 fork off of a raised spot on his main beam, rather than just off the main beam.
I would drop him no questions asked
& I agree with bruce I would say 3.5 years of age not much older
now sway in the back or dropped belly
pretty solid looking deer
thats a great buck and there would be no hesitation. yeah I would shoot it
If I was you I wouldnt shoot. Let him walk to TN and Ill shoot! Nice deer.
you have a tough one on your hands. I would shoot, but let me ask you this... how awesome is that buck going to be next year if you let him pass and NO one else gets him? WOW!
how awesome is that buck going to be next year if you let him pass and NO one else gets him? WOW!
That is true. Problem is, I only have 20 acres of woods and about 100 in fields, and people hunt all around me. Therefore he's going to have to be a really smart buck to not get shot. This also isn't the only buck this big in the area, I'm sure there are some quite a bit bigger.
from what I see,the shape of his body Id have to say he is no more than 3.5 yrs old
took another long look. 2.5
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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