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Is Blackhorn BH209 as good as I read?

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I have read nothing but good things about BH209 and would like to know if they are true. No swabbing between shots, better velocities, easy cleanup,no crud ring, etc. Has anyone here ever tried it?
I have a new Omega and would like to try BH209 but don't want to spend the money if it's not any better than Pyrodex pellets.
Any help available here?
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havent tried it but if it does all that might be worth a look,im guessing by the name it was designed to be used with the 209 primers so thats a plus
Black horn is as good as you read i used it all last year to hunt deer, Problem is the price. I would not use it other than for hunting, way too expensive to target practice with for me. It cleans up very easy, no swabbing between shots( i shot twenty shots in a row at the range, no swabbing and accuracy was excellent) and not corrosive like other powders. It also does not soak up moisture. I say its an excellent powder that i use just for hunting season. hope this helps
Blackhorn209 requires shotgun 209 primers. 209muzzleloader primers have trouble igniting BH209.

New here, great site.
sorry no idea but welcome from nh
BH is good stuff

Hi rogo,
I'm just a spike buck but that is because I have lived awhile and probably past my physical prime.
Started BP hunting about ten years ago, wasn't to good at it.
Started with a knight, then the one with the little disc in it then the pro hunter by encoreTC. used pyrodex, bp 777 for years, got a little better, finally my cousin talked me into to loose blackhorn and now i do a lot better.
it is remarkably clean but if you have the chance i would still clean every few shots, maybe just a dry rag or swab. and of course at the end of season really give er a good swabbing
I'm now shooting a .45 cal pro hunter with a Bergara barrel and can hold 2" at a hundred. If you are any good at all you will do better but hey i do what i can.
BH is pretty expensive but i feel what is a 160 or 170 class buck worth. It's like oil for your car you run the best you can afford because engines are a lot more expensive. I shoot 110 gr of blackhorn with a 200 gr hornady and it moves along pretty good. Bh loose when you get up to 120 grain your pressures are pretty close to max.
Let me know how you make out.
But just come back safe!
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I have heard nothing but Good about Blackhorn 209 and as soon as I need more supplies I'm going to make the switch to it for myself. :biggrin:
Blackhorn 209

Just an update. Since I first made this post a year ago I have since bought and used Blackhorn 209. I will never go back to Pyrodex pellets again! This stuff is the cat's meow as far as I am concerned. A little pricey but I believe it averages out in the long run. No patches used up between shots, no special cleaning supplies needed except Hoppe's #9 which I already had for my regular rifles. No loss in accuracy, actually accuracy has improved with BH209. Shot 27 loads last time at the range with no swabbing and great accuracy. Second and all consecutive shots load much easier with no crud ring.
I do however suggest you clean your rifle after you are done shooting. Don't let your gun sit around for weeks before cleaning. The powder itself is non-moisture absorbing but the residue after firing is not. It will absorb moisture and cause rusting. So use you common sense and clean your gun.
Good luck to all who try it, I am convinced you will love it too!
By the way 120gr by volume is the maximum load with BH209. That is equal to 150gr Pyrodex pellets.
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My mistake

Sorry rogo,
Good thing brucebruce is here to correct me 120 gr is max for Blackhorn!
daddus1, i guess thay"s why I'm a scrub buck.
started using Blackhorn this fall, I like it even at the high cost. However, I didn't see any easier clean-up or extra shos between swabbing. My hands were just as black after shooting it compared to other powders. I do like the low smoke.

I am at a loss trying to figure out why your hands are black after shooting Blackhorn. Not sure what you are doing to cause that. As far as more shots without swabbing, not sure about that either. I shoot BH209 and have fired up to 31 shots without swabbing with great accuracy. Cleanup is a breeze. 1 or 2 patches with Hoppe's # 9 and 2 or 3 clean dry patches and barrel is clean as a whistle. Still no black on my hands. Clean my breech plug and I am done. No problem. What are you doing that causes your hands to get all black?
The stuff left as much black residue in the breach area and on the brushes for swabbing as any other black powder product. I've used vertually all muzzleloading propellants and BlackHorn may be the best! However, don't think it is like modern rifle smokeless powder. I carry those wet wipes in my truck and needed one before I could order a burger on the way home due to the residue on my hands. I was using TC super glide sabots and Shockwave bullets 250 gr and could only get three shots off before I needed to run a wire brush so my Triumph must be a tight bore as there is no way I could shoot 30 shots between brushing unless I had 30 ramrods!
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