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Hey, my name is Big Jim, I'm new to the forum from Ohio thought I'd check in and see what's going on.
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glad to have you with us. a welcome from tennessee.. make yourself at home
whats shakin big jim? Ill be the first to tell you that this is a wicked awsome site!
Welcome Big Jim!

Glad to see another Buckeye here!
"Big jim done pulled his pistols....."lynyrd skynyrd Welcome to the campfire pull up a log and start jawing:biggrin:
Greetings from Vermont Big Jim...
Welcome Big Jim, glad to have you aboard the forum. Greetings from New York.
Thanks guys, hunted this weekend and saw a few, no shooters though.
I have nothing but faith in ya Mr. Big. A shooter will come along sooner or later, just hope you're in the right position when he comes in...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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