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Interesting Bullet Combo

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I have tried the TC shockwave 250gr bullets with 2-50gr 777 pellets. With a TC Omega I can hold 1-1.5" groups at 100 yards. I have been using the 295gr HP powerbelt with 2 pellets and holding 3" groups at 100 yards. The TC Shockwaves are much more difficult to load but are much more accurate as a result.

Here is an idea. Any muzzleloader is much more accurate after the first shot. Take that first shot prior to muzzleoader opener to prep your barrel for the season. Use the TC shockwave for the first hunting load. If you should require a second shot then go to the Powerbelt as you can load it with your thumb and use your ramrod to send it down. (no bullet starter required for the Powerbelt but is required for the TC Shockwave)

I mention this because I hunt from treestands 95% of the time. It is dang near impossible to try to reload the TC Shockwave 20 ft up. I have tried it and dropped various articles out of the tree. I can load the Powerbelt in half the time. Yes, you may sacrifice a little accuracy but reduce reloading cycle time.
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Your right on the money about the toughness to load a shockwave!! I have yet to shoot at a deer with my muzzleloader this year though so I have not had the oppurtunity to have to reload from a treestand. I have given it some thought though and this is my conclusion. Number 1 just make my first shot count and #2 if for some reason I need another shot my adrenaline will be pumping so much that the shockwave will move down the barrel like butter.

You did some creative thinking rozman. Thanks for sharing it with us.
i only shoot powerbelts .they recomend you fire a 209 primer first to foul the barrel
Joel - The recoil from that primer must be killer..huh? Just paying ya back dude.
Seriously give the TC Shockwave a chance. Think of the physic factor here. Any bullet that fits that tight should hold better groupings. Theory or can decide for yourself however I have seen positive results.
yeah the kick is a rough one i gotta brace for it:yawn: the power belt creates a gas lock so there is no blow by therefore it creates a perfect seal.Ill stick to what works for me.not knocking your setup or anything:thumbup:
Yeah if your setup is working why change it??? I got the same results as rozman on this one though. I could not get my powerbelts to group as well out of my knight or triumph as I could the shockwaves.
its probably a cva thing.they recomend powerbelts so........
I don't have any problems with the old patch and round ball, but if its raining can't get the darn flint to throw many sparks. Sorry guys I had to throw that one in I know most are using inlines and 209 primers. Heck I have one too but I still use the old TC maxi-hunters and get great 1.5" 100yd groups. It's all fired with the musket cap primer and never lets me down. I really believe that the more simple you keep things the better off you will be.
Yep Huntingman I got alot of respect for the hunters that still go "old school" with their equipment. I guess im of the new age group of hunters. Maybe I need to take the ol Hawken out to the gun cabinet and give it a whirl sometime.
always wanted to make one out of those kits.put on the badger hat and go shooting:thumbup:
Flintlock with snow it just doesn't get any better than that. Thinking of selling my TC Firehawk??? I would like to build one more gun a light weight 1/2 stock flint in 50 cal to shoot round balls. My only problem is lazer surgury killed my up close vision and makes open sight shooting a big problem, bi-focals are a nightmare when using open sights.
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