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interested in buying muzzleloader

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I am 13 and i rifle and bow hunt but i am interested in buying a muzzle loader. I only want to spend around $200. None of my family ownes one, so i have no idea what to get. I am not sensative to recoil. Any suggestions?
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There are several ways to get what you want: Several brands offer 50 cal in-lines for right around your price range. Check out Walmart. Second you can go on line and look at auction sites like or and once you register you can bid on used/new muzzleloaders. Just check your state laws on the shippment of black powder firearms and whether you need to go through a FFL holder. Oh, your age would require someone over 21 to do the actual purchase, however, I find a few really good deals on line. I just got a TC triumph for $280.00 including shipping. I would suggest you go with an in-line to start with because the loading is much simpler using 2- 50 gr pellets. Just do some more research before purchasing. Good luck shopping.
I had a buddy buy his two sons a T/C omega each this afternoon for about $210 a piece after mail in rebate.. Thats cheap..

To stay under your $200 mark I would also check out some local pawn shops in your area.. They are bound to have a vairety to fit into that budget..
wow u guys have cheap prices in the states my t/c triumph with the weather guard camo and spped breech cost me 600 bucks up here in canada
I bought a brand new Knight KP1 for $200. These guns are worth way more but the gunshop owner got them really cheap from Knight because they are closing. This rifle has a 10 year warranty though. This rifle also has interchangeable barrels; shotgun, rifle, rimfire, and muzzleloader. Very nice gun.
I got a Knight wolverine in 50cal for 225$ last fall with a scope and it's a shooter I can put 3 300gr hornady xtp's and 150gr 777 lose powder inside a quater out to 200yrs. with it, I got my first ohio M.L deer with it this yr a 300lb doe was a heck of a rush...sniper
I am going to have to check out those auction sites. been looking at the T/C encores and the triumphs. nice guns but like I said before, PRICEY.
Go With Traditions

I have two ML guns, a TC Omega and a Traditions Buckstalker. The Omega is more expensive but I purchased the Traditions about two months ago for $150. I put a no-name 3-9 scope on it and it shoots 1" groups at 100 yards. It's light, accurate, and easy to use and clean.:thumbup:
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