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The last time i used them in the Hunterbolt i ended up having to beat the second shot down the bore due to the crud ring.

Now that its been UBC'ed i figured i'd give it another try.

100gr IMR White Hots, 245gr Powerbelt, Standard CCI Primers. First shot on clean bore was a bit high and the 2nd - 3rd shots were touching

Only 50 yards
, I want to try 100 yards possibly tomorrow.

No crud ring at all, just felt a little bit stiffer to reload after the 1st shot but thats normal considering how much dirtier T7/IMR is.

This looks like a good shooting load out of the Hunterbolt, but once we get out to 100 yards, we'll see what happens.

I was also using the slotted breech plug *factory* so i am not counting this as an 100% success due to the amount of primer blow by thats allowed to escape into the bolt area.

I am not going to clean it tonight either, i want to see how the next shot is on a fouled but cold barrel.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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