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Im new here

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I just found this site and I think its really sweet to be able to meet other deer hunters and chat it up. The wife doesnt really like to talk hunting all that much.
Im bow hunting in Wisconsin and the pre rut is on hard. I made a couple mock scrape over and around a few scrapes yesterday. I have cameras at both locations. So far I only captured 1 shooter buck on the camera. Im hoping to get a few shots from the scrape cams in the next few days.
I usually take the entire pre rut and rut off of work so I can get out in the woods more.

Heres a 10 point I shot last year the 5th of Nov with my Bowtech


I also snagged this 8 pointer in Mn with my rifle I havent rifle hunted in 10 yrs. I think its to easy but it paid off

I went 3 yrs without harvesting a buck I guess the patience paid off
Thanks for the visits
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2 really nice bucks, congrats and welcome to the site.
Im gonna get out tomorrow night and hit the stand. Ill be going out about 5 times a week starting next week.
I have 8 stands out on 150 acres that I lease in Wis. Great land with a good # of mature bucks
No way do we see anything like those bucks in NC PA where I hunt. My son has some really nice bucks on video in S. Ohio where attends college when he's not hunting :whistling: No he's really good about his priorities. He even got a job at a new Dick's sporting goods. That's where my Christmas present is coming from at 40% off. Sounds like you have a really nice set-up in Wis to hunt.
Ya I lucked out the guy needed a barn painted so I painted it for a 2 year lease. This is the 4th year there now and Im learning there patterns more and more every year. Ill post up some fresh pics once I hit the fields. I should have some pretty mad bucks on camera in a few days
The best part is Im only like 20-25 miles from buffalo county wis
I've been hunting the same PA area for 38 seasons. We have a really nice camp, steam sauna, fresh spring in front for sweet water. Deer numbers are currently way down. I bow hunt the rut with 2 buddies from the UP of Michigan and my neighbor. It's a blast and great vacation with some serious hunting/cooking going on.
Welcome to the site buddy. By the look of the pics I'd say your screen name says it all.
Thanks for the welcome
I shot my first decent buck 4 years ago and I was hooked. I started hunting for mature bucks only. I went 3 years with out harvesting a buck tho. I see big bucks every season its just a matter if they give me a shot
I got the itch real bad right now makes me wanna sleep in the tree
Greetings from Vermont, Welcome to the Club..
Both very nice looking deer!, Good Luck this season.
Thanks guys
Im really looking forward to the next 2 1/2 weeks of hunting. The rut should be in full swing next week
Heres a pic of a decent buck from a couple nights ago. Ya have to look real close the pic didnt turn out that good. I should have some day time pics starting next week

Right under the stand
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Looks like another nice buck you've got on your lease. Good luck. I see you're not a high level hunter either.:whistling:
Some stands are around 12' some stands are 16' no higher than that tho.
Went out tonight seen a deer around 530 back in the thick stuff I grunted and it jogged off I figure it was a smaller buck.
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