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I'm back.

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Well things in PA started pretty slow as the rut is just now starting. My son took a 6 pt and my buddy from Michigan took a 5 pt. For me things didn't go so well. I hit a very nice 8 pt in the shoulder and failed to penatrate into the vitals. I shot the buck at 5 yards from my ladder stand. I just made a poor shot no excuses. I don't know if a Muzzy would have done the job but the Rage 3 blade didn't. We did see the buck last night feeding in a field and had a limp but otherwise looked ok. I will try to finish the job in rifle season. The weather was warm and the rut is way behind this year, don't know why? I saw two nice 8 pt bucks and hopefully will encounter them in rifle season.
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i hope you get him durring rifel season. dont beat your self up over it. some times things just happen like that.
I felt pretty bad Tuesday night when I saw the shot. We spent 2 hours Tuesday night looking for it then 1.5 hours on Wednesday morning.Things were so slow all week that when the buck walked up behind me and then in front of my stand it should have been a cake walk and celebration, then disaster hit. I really don't know why I pulled the shot to the left 3" at that distance but I did. Most likely I simply pulled my head to the left to see the hit instead of following through, a stupid fundamental mistake. I will see that shot a million times over the years......
yup its cliche but it sometimes happens.
Welcome back HM, Dont beat yourself up over it, it happens to all of us at one time or another.
Keep Focus on your Rifle season now. :thumbup:
Welcome back HM. I agree with what Bruce said. How did your medical conditions treat you while out on the hunt??????
I've heard a lot of bad stuff about those rage 3 blades. I talked to a guy who went out to Colorado elk hunting and lost a bull with them. He hit a buck a few weeks ago and he said only one of the blades opened up. The rage 2 blades seem to open nicely though.
I got to say I thought about a switch to the rage and uping my 85 gr to 100 gr but i'm hearing WAY to many things that may or may not be directly because of the rage but I don't want to take the chance. if it ain't broke why fix it.
TG, things calmed down pretty good. Maybe the worst part of the pressure/pain is from work as after a few days I couldn't really feel anything wrong. Oh, I didn't follow the doctor's rules and put things to a real test, dragging out two deer, carrying the stands 1/2 mile ect ect. I think I did pretty well. Thanks!
As far as the Rage broadheads, here's my thoughts as this is only my opinion. I got to see two broadside shot deer hit with Rage 3 blades, massive entry holes and smaller exit holes. Both deer piled up with-in 40 yds. I think where the mechanical broadheads may prove to be less effective than a good replaceable blade broadhead is when marginal hits take place and some bone is contacted, I'm not refering to ribs. Personally, I think the energy is used up immediately upon contact with bone and thus less penetration takes place wih mechanical broadheads. I think the Muzzy MX3 does a better job when a less than ideal shot is made. Poor shots are poor shots and its everyone's duty to make killing shots, but like me bad things do happen and only the best broadhead should be used. I probably will return to Muzzy products for next year.
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