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I'm back

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It was good to get away but it was one of the worst vacations ever. On the drive north we had a blowout on the camper tire,wed. the motor on the boat puked,it rained for 4 days really windy on the 4th day. The only nice day was the day we got there and half of that was spent driving,oh yeah and on the last day as we were packing up to go home My brothr-in-law and I butted heads a little to hard.
We went on a family camping trip, I wanted to see if maybe I could tolerate his presence for a week to maybe go hunting with him on a trip I might go on ,but now I don't think I will ask him, he also doesn't have enough patience and won't ask for any help. All he is doing is making a fool of himself.
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Man critter sorry to hear that your trip bummed out. When things go wrong and wacky for me I think of it as having a really bad scenario to appreciate those really good scenarios when they do come along. Well you do have your health right, hope this helps you a little bit.
I'm sorry Critter,
I agree with timberghost, now you have a trip to recall when you think the next one isn't going well.
I think the Positive view in all this would be,
A day away from the JOB is always a good day, even with bad weather and an "impatient" brother in law.....
Vacations are sometimes to much work. Its good to have you back though. Wish things would have worked out better.
Man I hate to hear that, it's a shame things went badly but mother nature can be a @#$!% some times. Maybe had the weather been better you and the brother N law wouold have gotten on a litlle beter, who knows.
thats really hard to say, I have been alot less patient since my Dad died and he always did have a bad additude towards stuff before. Even though I did appologize to him I think things will be tense between us for quite some time.
that stinks but its better you found out now that you two cant get along or else you would have ruined a hunting trip
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