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Ill. Buck 10/29/08

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Last day buck.
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Another wall mount, wmi. Nice job.
Nice Deer good job wmi, I hope ronn scored as well.
both are very nice
Ron and I had a great time. Ron passed up the best buck of his life because it did not quit make our 150 min. that we set. You do not go to the land of the giants to sell short. Those deer are huge. At anytime a monster can show up because they move all day. Already planning a trip back. Words cannot explain these deer. You have to go to Golden Triangle Outfitters atleast once in your life.WOW!!!!
Good lookin deer...nice and wide. What's the inside spread on him?
let's give a guess at what the inside measure is.
I'll say 21-3/4"
Darn Bruce you are pretty good.:yes:
well, was I close?
Wow what a buck!!! great job!!! Whats it cost to hunt there i need to start saving.
WOW! nice deer wmi! Have you green scored him yet?

Costs: 2700 + 450 lic/tags + there and back. Worth every penny and then some. With the caliber of bucks and what you will learn from pros it will change your deer hunting forever.
His score is between 150 and 160. Plus or minus 350lbs on the hoof.:shocking::ibtl:
:biggrin: Very nice.. Congrats on the awesome hunt..
I'm speechless....But why the heck aren't you smiling in that pic? WMI Whitetail Monsterbuck Inc LOL, very happy for you and ronn!!!!
he is smiling. you should see his serious face. lol
Hey wmi do you mind throwing some of your pics in the gallery. There are several rooms like "big rack", "trophy" etc.. I dont want these good pics to get buried in the forums to never get seen again.

1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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