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il hunt

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well you can see how wmi made out. i didn't do as well. i passed on a 140ish tall 8 with a sticker off the back that would have dressed out well over 200 lbs. he just looked to be a little small and 3.5 years. he certainly would have met the outfitters minimum. man they got the deer there and big ones. no scratch that, giant ones. what the head guide has in his game room will make pee yourself and half the mounts were elsewhere. somewhere around 40 mounts. he's shot 2 over 200" and the rest are close behind. save your money up and make the trip. oh and leave your preconceptions about deer at the door. this outfitter works very hard to keep the deer from ever knowing you were on the property so the deer move any time of day.
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Sounds like a great, memorable experience for you. Glad you had a great time.
glad ya had a good was the food,bunkhouse etc...details man we want details:lol:
the food will keep you alive. that's about it, by my standard anyway. the bunk house was fine and the beds nice and firm the way i like it. slept like a babe. they use those Park Model double wide things. washer dryer, clean room for your gear. pool and poker tables but who had time. all 700 stands were hung by the head guide and the owner hung a few. Mike Pavlick is the owner and Randy Grawe is the head guide. Randy is a giant deer killing monster. these guys have had articles written about them in different mags not as outfitters but as giant deer killing machines. wmi knows which ones. well worth the $$. just play their game. after all its their yard and they know their deer. check out their web site Golden Triangle Whitetails. I can recommend the hunt. Keep in mind there are no guarantees its free range and the big deer are smart. can't wait to go back breaking the news to the wife might be a little painful but worth it.

hope making the recommendation and putting the web site up is ok.
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fine by me sounds like a good place .i may look into it for next year.After going this year to a guide for the first time i can definitely say it has its benefit's:yes:700 stands on how much property?
18000 acres. check out there web site. oh there was an ATM buck taken. thats a less than 125 shot on the last day. a 1.5 year old 10 point with the start of the 12th points. yes i said 1.5. weighted about 120 lbs. the head guide was well lets say upset. cost the shooter $750 extra as a fine. better taste good.
Their website say's 13000 private acres, that's a lot of hunting land.
I gotta say it's nice to hunt big bucks but there is NO way I'd ever pay that much to hunt for a whitetail deer,
their deer don't tast any better than a deer from public hunting land.
I'm glad you guys had a good time and I'm happy you were both satisfied with the whole experience but
to spend well over 6,500. dollars and go home with just 1 deer, I just can't see me diving into a deal like that one.
bruce its a lot of $, thats for sure. they have added a bunch of land and haven't up dated the site yet. oh and you don't eat the horns anyway, thats what you go there for. if you want to fill the freezer i'd go to NJ or one of those states that want you to shoot all the does you can. nothing wrong with that kinda trip either and its less $$. there is public land in IL working on getting the info on some. private land is either tied up in lease or family only hunting. Its all about what you are looking for in a buck.
I understand ronn and I'm glad you understand not all hunters need big racked bucks to enjoy the sport of hunting but when you boast about the place you have to make sure people understand the costs involved and that there could be additional fee's during the hunt like wounding a deer or killing a deer that scores under 125, those fee's are never discussed but are just as important and anyone interested should be aware of.
jeez thats why i said go to their web site, bruce. but be honest if there was a big doe standing there with a small basket 8 buck and both were legal to shoot and the doe might be a little bigger which one would you shoot?
Bruce the experience is something that we (Ron and I) can not truly convey to all of you. You have to see it yourself. When you see multiple trophy bucks that on your home town lands would without question get the arrow and they are only run of the mill there it will take your breath away. Then all of the sudden a buck of dreams steps out your mind and body go into an uncontrollable adrenalin rush-----well it is something that you can only appreciate it for ones self. I think every deer hunter should do it just once in their hunting lifetime. It is like Disneyland to a child, you'll never forget it and it will always seem like yesterday.:pickle:
wow they fine ya that stinks.but hey you knew that going in.while the price is expensive i can see why ya would want to the meantime i'll guess i'll have to keep hunting close to home.someday im going to hunt one of those megabuck places.
joel do you ever get down? over ? to NJ? very liberal limits i understand.

Yeah as you can see they are kinda serious about shooting the right deer.
im close to NJ but i can take 5 deer in NY thats enough for it is im hurting soo bad i havent been back since opening day.when you have a hard time getting out of bed the idea of trudging upand down mountains is tough to swallow.Im hoping tomorrow afternoon or monday.:sad:
sorry to hear that i hope you get better and back out there
thanks brother
sounds like a great trip guys ,,big bucks , and bigger ones ,,im just going to keep trying on our 560 ac...glad you all had a super time
Sound like a sweet trip... And cool you got to make the trip with a hunting partner..

You showed some restraint on the 140 you passed. That had to be hard to do. I doubt most would or could have done it.

Glad to see you and wmi had a good time.
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