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Idiots of the Week

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Bobby petrino,ozzie guillen,and tiger woods.
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Boy you're dead on with that assessment! I'd say Petrino and Guillen are the worst of the 3... and Petrino got the biggest punishment... Guillen at least gets to keep his job, but will probably be cleaning up eggs and feces from his front yard till the day he dies. Tiger already has himself living in a concrete box. He doesn't want to be in public more than he has to.
Tator Guillen is nuts,Woods is pompous .ss,and i guess Petrino is a spoiled brat.Seems to me Petrinos reputation preceded him because Arkansas was well protected with the conduct clause in his contract.Almost like they expected it.:confused:
I figured Pertino was always a scumbag. Im just glad to see he got caught finally.
Petrino is dirty remember when he just quit on the Falcons.He just left during the
I'd say Petrino is done for awhile.... But then again, I'm sure there is an organization or university out there stupid enough to hire him....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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