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ice fishing

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I've been fishin on a lake is Sask. for a couple years now (crooked lake if it helps lol) and I've havent really got the results I want. I've been getting perch mostely, but would much rather get those nice walleye. Does anyone have any tips on bait, lures, time of year (its goin to be a pretty late season buy the looks of the weather) or anything else to get some nice walleye while ice fishing?
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not to many walleye on the waters i fish but i find that minnows on tip ups work good to catch anything.the other thing to try i jigging with a silver swedish pimple and just put a minnows head on the hook.good luck and be carful on the ice wear your cleats and carry picks round your neck.:thumbup:
you could try useing shiners or a swedish pimple but you will want to jig both .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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