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iam exciting

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i am going hunting for first time
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yeah Good luck Dylan
Very cool! Remember, there is a lot more to hunting than bagging your game. It's the total experience with family, friends and nature.
whoa there ya lil whipper snapper... LOL

Good Luck to you dylanhutchinson on the hunt but I'd like to ask you some questions, I hope that's ok

Have you been practicing with your bow?
Have you been shooting and practicing with your rifle?
Who ya going hunting with?
Are you bow hunting or shotgun/rifle hunting?
Have you been scouting? Are you going to be using calls?
will you try rattling?
Have you been seeing a lot of deer?
Are you hunting for Deer?

dylanhutchinson, make sure the wind isn't blowing your scent into where the deer are and always remember to be safe in all of your hunts.
Safety is the key ingredient. :thumbup:
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UH OH!!!:biggrin: Grandpa Bruce caught cha before you got out the door!!

All joking aside Bruce is right on the money.. Safety is the key ingredient..
Be safe, always think of what you're doing at every moment. Most of all have fun. Thats what hunting is all about enjoying the experience. Good luck
good luck ,be safe ,and have fun:bye:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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