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I was wrong

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lsu beat OHIO STATE with authority.I will not make excuses the better team won.
no further coments needed.
THANK YOU have a nice day.:bag:
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Berk you answered with class. I respect that and will end this post now.
But I had to throw this in..........

Awesome Posting Above!!!!!
the sec did a pretty good job this year.. But I will give the devil his due... Mich I believe took to long to get lined out this year. I think that carr had a better team than the way they played during the regular season.. They showed it in the bowl and I think he made life a little harder on the tebo show next year. they had a good game plan for fla.... cant wait untill next year..
As a big OSU fan I also can admit defeat when due. The big ten will have to adapt to the west coast style offense to compete outside the big ten. I can only hope OSU can keep the winning streak against Michigan going post Carr. One note though, OSU was projected to be a NC condender next year as they were mostly freshmen/southmores this year. LSU won, but OSU gave them several birdies which made the score more lopsided than the game really was. I hope we're back in the big game next year!
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