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Have you seen deer breed while on stand ?

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    Votes: 5 22.7%
  • No

    Votes: 17 77.3%
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It was November 16th, the second morning of the Michigan's gun season. I was in my best stand on my new property with my new savage ML in hand.

I had a nice young 8 point buck and a doe in and around me for half an hour. I put my crosshairs on him at least 10 times. The buck was wide and symetrical but clearly younger than 3 years old. I was going to let him walk.

There was no chasing, they exhibited a very relaxed demeanor as they slowly worked there way toward a bedding area... THEN HE BRED HER !

Thirty years of deer hunting with countless hours on stand and it was the first time I saw deer breed.

A minute later they were gone.

As I reflect on what happened that morning I feel very satisfied, It was by far my greatest management moment. I do not know If the young 8 point or his girlfriend made it through the season. What I do know is I gave them each a chance. It was the highlight of my 2009 season and could be the highlight of next season as one more year he will be a shooter for me.

Have any of you seen deer breed while on stand ? John

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''that was wild''

:w00t::w00t:After it happened that was all I could think,,, THAT WAS WILD. about 5 yrs. ago, I was hunting in a tree stand in some NF. land that I hunt every year,I have killed several nice bucks from this stand,I got to see a 4 pointer mount a doe,to small to shoot, so I just watched. I thought that this was wild,,,,but to my suprise another buck walked up,a much bigger racked and huge body deer. He took his rack and threw the little one off the doe, I mean he really through him.....I watched as he breed the doe and when he was finnished he droped off the doe and let out a big puff of air.You can't picture what that looked like to me.It was cold that morning [19 deg.] and his breath froze as it left him. He then walked over to the smaller buck, gave him a look as to say "now thats how it's done". I polled my 30.06 to his shoulder and pulled the trigger. It was the last thing that he did. To me THAT WAS WILD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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