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I need your help!

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I have spent over $1000 the past year or so trying to get deer to come into my yard! I have a tripod slinging corn twice a day, lure hangers, I have tracked the woods and found trails, scrapes, etc. and applied peanut butter on almost every tree leading back to my feeder, I planted a food plot towards the end of summer (which is full and thick), I have peanut butter jars taped upside down to trees, salt blocks, mineral blocks, and applied C'Mere Dear over the ground below the feeder. This has been going on for over a year. I've seen *****, squirrels, crows, doves, foxes, you name it. But, I have yet to see 1 FREAKING DEER!! The only thing I can think of, is I have a great dane and a boxer in a 50'x50' fenced lot at the back of my property. Everyone tells me this could be why they won't come into my yard. I've also heard that once the deer realize the dogs are fenced in, they would come on into the food plot. I haven't seen them yet. No tracks or anything! I've also used doe urine. What is going on? Can any of you guys help me out?
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I know I might get some flack from you "bait" guys for this, but how about hunting them instead of trying to lure them into your oven? Don't want to offend anyone, and I know this is perfectly acceptable in some parts of the country (and power to you), I just have never done it and don't quite understand it. Good luck with your situation, and hopefully, someone else will give some good advice.
I'm not trying to lure them in to kill them. I just want to take pictures of them and be able to sit on the porch and watch them in the evenings. I won't even let anyone hunt on my land. I figured I clear that up real fast.
Oh yeah, fauubols st

Oh yeah, fauubols stuff there you!
It's not posted! I live in a subdivision where no one hunts. It just so happens, my lot has a lot of woods behind it and I have scouted all through them and have found scrapes, trails, droppings, etc. They are coming right next (within 20 yards) of the dog lot now. I just can't figure out why they won't come on over to the food? Who knows, maybe they are coming in there and I am just not seeing them. I am about to put up a trail camera I got for Christmas. Hopefully I may finally get to see one.
you are so adorable

you are so adorable and sweet! Love the crmfpiae song, and I must say.. i DO smile a lot at people, It does seem contagious. Your sons car game brought back memories of doing the SAME thing when I was a kid. Same statistics too! haha :)))
I id find a stand in there back at the beginning of season. He had it right above an area of scrapes. He/She may be why I haven't seen any deer.
in small blocks of woods like that, it takes very little to boot them out or make them go nocturnal. even you going in with the pb can mess it up. scent control is of the utmost importance at all times.

when developments go in the developer must leave a certain % of green space. this can include crop land as well as woods. most times there is a corn or bean field that is part of this green space and is the draw to the deer. plus these spaces tend to only hold the number of deer it can hold, they won't be over populated. when there gets to be too many deer, the young bucks are booted out anyway, they will move to other green spaces and they tend to get hit by cars more often than deer in the big woods.

plant foods that they will like all year round so different things should be planted for the spring/summer and the fall/winter. then there is the need for cover. tall over grown field grass or honeysuckle.
Hard to believe that the deer would not be tearing up the corn at night. Are the dogs outside all night?
one horse, places like Michigan where you could bait forgot how to hunt. They simply build comfy blinds and put out the bait. To each their own and we've covered the baiting thing before.
I would get rid of everything except the corn feeder. Set it the farthest you can from the house. If there are deer in the area they will show up especially now.
Trail cams out yet? Do the dogs bark all night?
I just got a brand new Game Spy! 60. I will put it hopefully tomorrow. The dogs hardly ever bark. They have been in that lot for two years. The deer come close to them, but I haven't seen any signs around the plot. I gotta refill the feeder tomorrow. Then, I plan on just staying out of there for a while. Thanks everyone for your comments. Some of you guys are sensitive though. All I'm trying to do is get a few pictures!
just had a thought. maybe the stand owner is playing games with your plot. putting out scent to keep the deer out of it. its been known to happen. post the pics if you get any.
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