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I need some help....

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Ok, everyone probably remembers the first pic on this post b/c I have posted it numerous times. And like I said before, I haven't seen this buck since the date on the first pic. I just got back from checking my cameras, and I am having a hard time figuring out if this NEW pic is the same buck??? What does everyone think? If it is, he has obviously broken off part of his brow tine on one side...

I'll post the other pic I got in a "reply" to this message...


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Left Side Pic..

here's what's got me convinced that he's the same....

but i don't know for sure!!!:yes:


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Real good buck
the second set of pics ...i vote yes
I'm asking if all 4 pics are the same deer.......On the posts above the first pic in each one is the first pic i got of the deer-- the second one in each post is the second set of pics... sorry this is confusing..
I think they are but it is hard to tell.
i'm not 100% sure but there is a very good chance it is
The first set ..its hard to tell with the blurry pic
Probably him ..or 2 nice looking bucks
I hope they are the same deer, if I were you I couldn't sleep at night to think there were two of those monsters in my hunting woods.

I believe they are all the same deer.
Buckshot,,, yes that's what I'm saying, that they are all the same deer.
I just split up the pics for easier (more CONFUSING) viewing! haha
the first pic in each post is the old pic, and the second pic in each post is the "newer" pic. I haven't seen this buck for about 3 months, and am happy to see him back. However, I don't like the time he's moving through my woods.....
well if its not him you got a couple of great lookin bucks there

He came through late that one morning. 5 something am or so. Maybe you will get lucky and he will start some daytime movement in search of hot does. I would definitly be motivated to be in the woods knowing that guy is walking around. Good luck with him.
Well buckfever, no luck so far. Haven't seen this big boy at all in person. Just on camera... in fact, here is the latest pic I have of him. Now this is AFTER the clocks turned back, I think the pic says 6:30pm or so, so that would mean it's really 5:30pm. It's a start!!! haha This pic shows his right side real well. You can see how his main beam forks at the end! awesome, awesome deer! I call him the "split tine" buck.

I would love nothing more than to get this big boy this upcoming weekend. Last weekend of rifle season.


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Well a follow up on this NICE 9pt, I found out that the neighbor to my south did NOT harvest this big boy. He did, however, get a decent 10pt, nothing like this big 9. I still believe he's out there, but I think this deer has gone completely nocturnal (sp?).
I need to get down in the woods and set me a stand up. The only problem is it's been so wet all summer/fall (up until about a month ago) that I couldn't even get into the woods. My wooded area is surrounded by creeks, DEEP creeks when it's raining or wet out. Too deep to cross even w/waders! Hopefully I'll get a crack at him before Christmas w/my bow! Good luck to all
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