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Personally, I have had no luck rattling in this state and dont do it. The buck to doe ratio and general size of the bucks is too low. As far as grunting goes I will only do it occationally and then only once or twice an hour. I find they like to aproach from downwind of a grunt/bleat and may be busting you and leaving quietly. Many would not hunt the edge of a field if their scent was blowing out into it. I do, because down here deer arent in the fields during daylight hours but staging around the perimeter. This is a good place to call since they cant get downwind of you without being in the open. Ive heard nerds grunting, or overgrunting while on stand. Deer wont be in one spot grunting all morning long and thats a dead giveaway of a hunters stand. Now if I hear soft grunts occationally in different directions Im more convinced.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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