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I need help...

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So my boyfriend loves hunting and he's taking me hunting on Friday. And advice, tips?
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yeah cover your scent stay down wind DO NOT TAKE THEIR SENSE OF SMELL LIGHTLY and dont think just because you dont see any deer that their not around be safe follow the rules in your county
go buy a bottle of scent away spray, body wash and detergent. that's the best thing you can do, get scent FREE
Patience.. Just because you have been sitting still for 5 mins does not mean a deer is fixing to walk by..
You will be deer hunting but learn to enjoy the whole out doors, look at everything in sight, if you hear a sound search for it with your eyes until you spot it, that's how to learn what makes which sound. Look for small movement, more often than not you will see a piece of the deer before you make out the whole body. Take it all in and enjoy!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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