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I need Help!

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Hey guys I am new to the site but have been hunting for ten years I Got busted this morning hunting a scrape he is a big mature eight point and I dont want him to abandon the scrape should I stay out of the stand for a couple days? He didnt smell me he saw me and the land owner said that the stand has been there for like four years I hunted it last night and a doe looked right up at me so I figured that I would use my climber and sit in a differtent tree if I was gonna go back but I am not sure if I should go back !Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thanks Ryan
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the climber sounds like a good idea.the stand is probably well know to the deer.if the doe looked up she smelled,saw or knew from past you remember where you saw them coming from?set up closer to that spot with the climber and spray yourself down good with wildlife secrets scent killer
Cool man I have been talkin to all my buddies and they all said the same thing I always spray down with scent elimination spray before every hunt thanks I ll be sure and let you know how it goes
Im with Joel.. Same general area, different location..
Well I didnt see him today of course I got up this morning and it was a thunderstorm so I waited till this afternoon hunt didnt see anything well it was 70 degrees out so maybe ill have moe luck in the a.m. :thumbup: ohh yeah I moved to the other side of the grassy area that the scrape was on so hopefully I can ge him before he sees me
They say bucks will check their scrapes downwind at times. So if thats where your set up, watch carefully. He may come in right on top of you. Good luck in the morning..
dont know where you live but in NY once the deer got their winter coats on they dont really move once it gets over 45
The weather is hot here too. Upper 60's tomorrow, darn it all.
Well I made it out again this morning And I got Busted Never even saw him He started blowing like crazy so I started grunting and he kept blowing running back and fourth about 60 yrds out,so I dont know if he smelled me or that he was just mad cause I was using tinks trophy buck lure and no decoy. So its back to tinks #69 and I am gonna move to the same end of the grassy area but on the other side of the trail.
Hey Signman I also thought that deer didnt moved when it was hot out until today when I saw a really nice buck running through a field i think that the rut is kickin in
what was the temp?and where are you located again?
It was around 60 degrees this morning at eleven oclock when I saw that buck I am hunting in S.E. Michigan Hillsdale/Jackson area sorry I left out some of the important info for you there but here it is :thumbup:
well maybe it was cooler than you thought.also im only speaking for NY deer i dont hunt anywhere else.the rut will cause them to do nutty things
Well no luck again today seen five does and not a single horn ooh well atleast they didnt see me haha:biggrin:
the climber sounds like a good idea, but you may have to put up some concealment. You could be getting silouted against the tree line. Can you put some type of blind around your tree stand. Always pray down with some type of scent killer. My favorite is fresh earth scent, it also makes deer a little curious because it smells like a deer is scraping up the ground. Good luck and great hunting.
If you're getting busted then somethings wrong. I personally don't like the scented sprays. I always use unscented. Oviously, no regular soaps, deorderants, shampoos, ect. Clothes not washed in tide or similar products. This buck either sees movement or smells something to be blowing at 60 yds. I would re-clean everything, get up in the air with good back ground cover, and try a quality doe-in estrus scent wick to bring him in. Michigan gun season opens Saturday, that's going to change things for you. Hopefully, you get him.
Sorry that i didnt write sooner but my computer crashed and you know x-mas and all but I moved to the other side of the propertywith a decoy the first day I saw a four point and two spikes but no eight pointer the next morning the wed before opening day of gun season right at seven oclock he came in now the decoy was set up in a two track facing away from the main part of the woods I was hoping that he (the deer) would come in face to face with the decoy but no luck he came in at the rear and started snort weezing trying to get the decoy to turn (no luck) then he got bored and turn and went back into the woods without giving me a opportunity:ranting:. And I am not allowed to hunt the property until next year. But the good news is no one else got him either well nobody on the near by properties. Well good luck to you guys and keep shooting in the off season ps I did shoot th does with my gun this year so at least the freezer is full :thumbup:
if you didnt get him this year :wallbash: and he is still there he should be bigger and better next year if he is mature hell survive the off season. good luck next year
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