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I need a hunting partner?!?

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So... the hubby is in the marines and moved me to Jacksonville, NC from Arizona where I have hunted since I was ten with my dad. I've harvested many large game animals including elk, deer, antelope, turkey, and javelina. I was never alone though, and i want to keep hunting more than anything while im here, but.... daddy's not here lol and i dont know my way around or NC state laws for that matter...:rolleyes: any info will help me! thanks!!
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awesome elk. there are a couple folks here from nc. not many javelina in nc though. grin but there are Ferrel hogs. i did a couple years as a kid in Apache junction a 1000 years ago. az is an interesting state but i didn't see it as hunter friendly. anyway welcome from nh oh and thank your husband for his service for me
Great pic and welcome to the Wish I could be of some assistance to you but I am from NY. As ron said there are a few NCers here and hopefully they can help you. Be sure to thank the hubby greatly for his duty and service to this wonderful country.
Hello and welcome from Ohio. That's a great elk you got there. I too appreciate the service of the men and women in the armed services. You will find some huning friends down there I'm sure, just watch the snakes. A couple of my friends there say the copperheads can be nasty so be carefull.
Welcome to the site from Tennessee!

If you haven't already you might check with the NC state agency and see if they don't have a program called "BOW" it's called Becoming an Outdoor Woman but I know alot of seasoned hunters ( I hope they don't take offense :biggrin:) that go to the work shops and they have a big time. Besides the other women hunters the agency people are always helpful in finding places to go.

Good luck!
Greetings from Vermont & welcome to the deer hunters club.
Please be sure to thank your husband for me for his service to our country..
Welcome from New Hampshire
I second that Bruce
Thanks for doing what he does to let us Live Free or Die
Don't know much about hunting in NC as I am in Montana. Welcome to the club and best of luck to you in your new state. Another big THANK YOU to your husband.
hunting partner

I would take you hunting but I might get jealous if you kill a bigger deer than me, nah just kidding.
Hello there. That sure is a nice pic you have. I actually lived in J-actionville(I always thought that name wasn't very for about 3 years in the Piney Green area. No I'm not military. I used to play guitar in a few of the local bars and attended Coastal Community College for music education. Unfortunately I didn't pick up hunting until Oct 2008 so I don't have any hunting buddies that I could refer you to.

I would say that probably the best place to start looking around for a hunting site would be in the Richlands area. It is heavily wooded and there are plenty of whitetail and black bear out there for ya.

If you inquiry had been about a fishing partner....I could have helped you out quite a bit.

I read on the site not to long ago that a lot of people wouldn't mind if you hunt their land if you ask, can prove that you are a safe hunter, and offer them something in return(ie. a little help around the farm for a weekend or something like that). I also read that you could have better results if you asked before the season in plain street clothes. I am sorry that I am no help finding you a partner, but maybe this will help you find a place to hunt.

My grandmother who lived in Swansboro passed away May 20 2008. She always had a special place in her heart for marines as do I. I hope you have good luck in finding that hunting partner and also that your husband finds his way home safely.
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