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I just found a 160" non typical rack on a skull...

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Went hiking today in search of an albino buck I've seen lately. It's right by our church and sometimes at night I see the albino come out with his big rack still growing and covered in white velvet. Whenever I get a decent pic of him (I am trying) I will post that here too.

But anyway, I didn't see the albino today but I found my biggest antler set yet - not sheds this time (although I found 2 sheds a couple days ago) but a whole skull this time.

I first saw some bones, and I always look around for a skull when I find bones just in case there's one with antlers attached. I've found a couple in the past but with microscopic antlers. Not this time...10 feet away from most of the bones, the skull was lying there with these massive antlers. I scored them at 166" not including the inside spread (buckmasters scoring system). Not an expert with scoring so give or take a few inches.

This has to be the best rack I'll find in a long time around here. Average size antlers around here aren't half this big.

Pic attached and video linked so you can see it from different angles...
YouTube - Huge 160" non-typical Whitetail antlers, whole skull


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Nice find man
great find. :pickle:
wow...what a great deer! Did you ever see him before?
Thanks, no I never saw him alive, in fact I didn't start seeing deer frequently around our church until the past few weeks. Either I just wasn't observant or they only recently started venturing out into more open area. But this is the 2nd non typical rack I have found in the same area (the other was a matching set of sheds 110") and in fact the second NT I have ever found.
very nice . its very white skull for sitting in the woods. was it in the sun?
Oh boy, that's really something! By the way, can you legally shoot an albino in your state?
ronn - it was in the woods, the antlers have just a little green in some areas, not enough to make it look bad though, and the skull and other bones were unusually white. prolly died during the winter.

onehorse - unfortunately no, it's illegal to kill or posses albino deer in Tennessee. a little disappointed in that...he's got a big rack too. Oh well...just for watching and photographing I guess. I'll have to try and rattle him in during the rut for photography rather than actual hunting (btw I haven't been deer hunting yet, hopefully will this fall)

and thanks hunting man
just scored it with B&C and it came out at 170. 4 inches more than the buckmasters score
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