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i got pics from last trip to nc

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i'm sorry it took so long to get these pics up but here they are my buck is 11 pt 180 lbs and my cousin shot an albino there are more deer pics but these are the to that stand out in my mind enjoy


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nice pics! Both of those are interesting... albino deer are very neat! That buck is great man!
Darn nice deer.

Are you gonna shoulder mount those. I always tell myself if I get an albino I'm going to mount it. Its still illegal to shoot them in TN.
yes the buck will be a shoulder mount and my cousin is get the albino's hide tanned for a rug
The rug will be nice.

As rare as albino deer are I would want to keep it in some form. I never thought about a rug. Thats a good way to hang on to the entire hide.
Nice buck, congrats.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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