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I Got One

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Saturday was opening rifle day in North Carolina. I usually don't shoot bucks but I was out of meat and the rut hasn't started yet, so I figured I wouldn't be picky today.

I hit the tree stand at 6:00pm and dropped this fella around 7:15pm. Although he is not quite the 8 pointer I have seen running around this summer, he will make a good contribution to refilling the freezer.


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Congrats, I can smell the backstraps cooking now.:thumbup:
Congratulations !!! Another dandy buck for the freezer. :thumbup:
Way to go! I see you have hunting buddies.
Way to go buddy, great job!.......Well you are off to a great start, a deer, a dog, and a cat LOL
nice buck. how many can you shoot a year in NC?
4 bucks and 2 does. Then you can get unlimited bonus tags for does to the tune of 2 for 10 dollars.
dang, up hear you can get one by bow, and one by gun OR muzzleloader. thats it.
Congrats SS RN. And at 7:15 it was only about 9 minutes past legal shooting time so I guess that is close enough! When I was out Saturday evening I heard about 10 shots between 5 and 7. So sounds like a few freezers are being filled. Good luck to all.
Around 7:15 pm tonypnc!! Maybe his watch is 9 mins fast.. Congrats on the deer RN.
Thank you much! :yes:
Great job on the buck. The photo of were your stand looks out to seems to be a textbook location for a great hunt. How do you like living in NC? I'm coming back to Hunt in Virginia in two weeks and plan on taking a trip down to NC near Sparta to look at some possible places to call home when I retire. Now I'm still young (42) but I'm able to retire in about 9 years. My wife and I would love to build a log home and I would like it to be in an area that I can hunt from. We live in So. California and the deer hunting here leaves something to be desired. Any way great job!
Thanks for the post hunting fireman. Sorry for the slow reply but I just started a new job this week and haven't made it to the site as much as I would have liked.

Although I have lived here in North Carolina all my life and don't really have much else to compare it to, I love the state dearly and am definately planning on retiring here myself. There is a lot of good fishing and hunting. Also there are plenty of mountain, coastal, and piedmont regions to explore.

The deer in NC area don't get as big as the deer up north in the colder climates, HM would be the first to tell you that :wink: :whistling:, but we do have plenty of them running around(particularly the eastern part of the state). This is evident by our 6 deer season limit(4 shooter's choice) and unlimited bonus tags. Nine times out of ten I will just still hunt from a stand near a corn, bean, or sweet potato feild.

I went out today for the first time in a week and didn't see a thing. Tomorrow me and 2 friends are going to a pasture by the Tar River near some mowed down corn fields. I have never been to this particular farm before to hunt. I am hoping to have better luck tomorrow because it is hunted a great deal less and there is a water supply near by. Anyway we will see how it goes. We will be leaving the house around 5:30.

Best of luck to ya in the future. It sounds like you will be enjoying an early retirement before you know it. Enjoy the site...I know I have.:w00t:
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Well good luck to you tomorrow and hope your hunt is successful!! Post some pic's if it goes well.

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