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I cant buy a knife

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Okay I am 16 years old went up to walmart to do some christmas shopping. So I pick out my dad this nice buck knife and I get ready to leave so the cashier rings up the knife and the rest of my stuff then he ask for ID and I knew I was not leaving with the knife the screen said is customer 18 years of age or older. I wa s like what the heck I cant buy a pocket knife unless your 18. The cashier showed me the camera and said sorry man I can't do it. :crazy: I about went off your tellin me I can drive a car, I can legally hunt by myself, carry a gun but I can't buy a knife. I thought to myself I hsve handeled and shot more guns than most people will in their whole life. Im seriously wonderin what is goin to happen when obama gets in are you going to have to be 21 to buy bb's which you alredy have to be 18:crazy:. I think somebody is really goin to kill somebody with some bb's. Lol. Thats like you have to have a background check to buy a gun but not a muzzeloader I guess it takes longer to reload is why. the laws are gettin out of hand bad. I understand about havin to be 21 to buy a gun wich is good but 18 to buy a knife I don't think so. Alright im through griping. But we still live in the greatest country in the world!
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Don't feel bad NY probably has the toughest laws. You might have to be 21 here to buy a knife. Yeah, they're pretty tough here.
That sounds silly to me . I dont think they have that restriction here but it might be a new rule for all wal marts. I think I'm going to ask next time I'm there just to see.
I bet you could buy one on line from wal mart or any other store for that matter regardless of age as long as you have a debit card or credit card.
tell me the knife ill pick it up for ya...

then ill get booked for contributing to the deliquency of a minor.. ha.. someone please bail me out..
That probably is a Wal-Mart policy thing, try another Sporting Goods Store where they want your business.
I went to a different walmart and tried to buy some field tips they said you had to be 18 to buy them. It is stupid you can buy the arrows but not the field tips. Im through with Walmart.

Hey, the wal-mart in the poconos where I'm at shouldn't even sell knives. There has been shootings in the parking lot as well as a few rapes and drug deals every night. I'm not standing up for the liberals but some things you should buy at a sporting goods store. Plus I would rather give the mom and pop shops the business. But that is my feelings on the matter, I'll get off my soap box now!
You can thank the Yo Boys for that. I too think it is ridiculous. Just another case of a few ruining it for all. Same thing for gun laws. They keep adding laws instead of enforcing the ones they have. Truly sorry to hear that. It would make me mad too.:no:
Those type of laws shouldn't upset you at all once you consider why they are in place.
Think of it this way 10 point, you're a fine law abiding youth hunter and probably well trained in
safety and the use of a Bow and arrow, a rifle, a pistol, a knife etc.,
BUT how many punk kids can you think of that aren't as responsible as you?
Those type of laws and store policies are the stores only line of defense against them type of thugs,
those are the type of kids that aren't taught about safety or trained in the proper usage and handling of a weapon.
WE as hunters should be thankful the stores use them policies.
My advice for you would be to have your mom buy the knife for you and I agree it shouldn't have to be that way but
some kids aren't as responsible or as educated as you are.
I would personally like to see the store policies changed so that a person with a hunter education card
proving he or she completed a State hunter education course would be able to make a knife purchase. that's my opinion.
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good points and a great idea Bruce
Bruce good points.

Now 10 pt did you try a differant sporting goods store, I mean do you have to shop at Wal-Mart?

Are your state laws there saying you have to be 18 to purchase a hunting knife and or field tips or broadheads for your arrows?

Wal-Mart has some funny rules they live by, and I am 52 yrs old and try and not purchase anything at Wal-Mart.

When buying archery, bowhunting and hunting supplies, support your local little guy become a customer that the clerk knows you by your first name etc.
Wal-Mart does these silly rules to cover their butt. They aren't after you personally 10 point. It's like Bruce said, you can't blame Wallyworld when it's the punks fault. I don't know if you ever tried it, but your not old enough to buy spray paint there either thanks to drug users snorting the stuff. Go to a personal store that is owned by a human instead of a large corporation and you should recieve the treatment you as a responsible teen deserves. But also notice the signs on the way in that says they reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, that's how they weed out the punks instead of punishing everybody by age.
Well bruce has a good point never really thought of it that way. but most of the punks get their stuff of the street or from their lazy good for nothing parents that lay around the house all day. obama says he can fix that tless give them more money sittin at the house than they can workin. I tried the local store that knows my name and he is havin some hard times right now and didn't have anything in stock but the main store I use is about 2 hours away. I have bought stuff from him for along time and he always cuts me a break and is a real good friend of mine and knows what I like and where my weaknesses are.
ask your parents to get ya one for Christmas,it'll mean more to ya that way
I agree as a safety instructor here in PA the card we give trained hunters should give you a few more rights then someone without. But this is something we as hunter need to change! Send your state reps a email!
thats great that your a safety instructor nepaguy35.I just started looking into becoming one in NY.theres alot of backround checks and other hoops to jump through but it something i may do
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