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I cant believe myself

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Ok, I cant believe myself i went out tonight and around 5:00 a nice respectable 8 point walks out of the tree row to the right of my stand and walks across the oat field about 50 yards in front of me walks straight across, i Get my gun on my rest and it spots me looks at me, but i stay as still as i can even thoguh i am shaking and then it carries on it's way then i get the gun to my shoulder and it spots me again so i stay still again and then it carries on and i cant decide wether to shoot it or not so finally when i decide to it is a little to my left and it is an easy shot i grunted and it stopped. I shoot and miss, the slug goes right over its back! I cant believe i missed but oh well. just buck fever at its best
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I'm sure that it has happened to the majority of us so don't feel bad. Hunting wouldn't be hunting if there was a guaranteed 100% kill rate each time. Even the greatest predators in the wild get snuffed too. But just think instead of a clean miss would you rather have a gut shot or leg shot or something crazy like that? Hang in there man I'm sure you'll get another opportunity.
yeah that is a good point i had an opportunity for a second shot but it wasnt a clean kill shot so i didnt take it. But it just makes me sad and deer season is almost over here for gun in oklahoma and i dont have a bow to continue the fun but o well i am going to be hitting up the stand everyday after school this week except for tomorrow got a basketball game but other than that everyday. Thanks for the support.
keep trying buddy you'll score.better that you cleanly missed as was already mentioned.
Yeah man that happens to the best of us. Or should I say all of us. I know i have missed before. You will remember that forever. Another hunting story in your book. Hang in there.
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