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I cannot believe this idiot

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God does protect stupid people
I_Cannot_Believe_This_Idiot.wmv - YouTube
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HOW is it possible to be that stipud? HOW?
I'd like to find that boy and save his life by smashing every rifle/pistol in his possession.
Why would ya look down a barrel in the first place? !! If it's loaded or not in ya feel you need to check it out check the action, clip, safety, hell every thing else but the barrel, and if ya realy need to check barrel do it after ya checked every thing else first !!!
If I was that guy I would have probably went home and gave all my guns to my brother and stopped hunting and took a long look at how close I came to killing myself over stupidity !!!!
Narrowly escaped the process of natural selection. A future Darwin award winner no doubt.
A definate canidate for VP to the existing King!
That has to be staged. why else would video be running of someone plinking on a trail. and there is no logical reason to look down the business end of a barrel unless you want to create a dramatic response.

and judging by the so called entry hole in the brim of the hat and the angle one would use to peer down a barrel, he would have a matching hole in his forehead.
perfect example why I hate u-tube. :ranting:
Looks like he had the camera on a tripod in a fixed position and filmed by himself. Maybe using his own reloads which I have seen peoples own loads misfire doing skeet shoots. Whatever the case may be that man is a true, true idiot and my choice of words is not even close to what I really think about him. He needs to be given a gun safety check TG style.
Perfect example why some folks should not own firearms. What a moron staged or not! I also agree with HM about you tube... that vid gives people bad ideas.
perfect example why I hate u-tube. :ranting:
This has nothing to do with youtube. Somebody ripped that off of liveleak.
What is liveleak?
to bad it didnt finish the job.gene pool cleansing
+1 With the orange on his body would be easy to find
Another reason why hunters get a bad name... Idiots like him making this video- whether real or staged, it doesn't help us hunters out at all.
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