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I am so angry....

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I learned this evening that the Big Buck that i was hunting & couldn't get a pic of on my camera. Got shot sunday night by some pouchers. They cuts its head off & left the rest of the body laying on the ground. I wish that the game wardens cold catch every person that does this....
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they will shoot at the wrong deer one night...and get busted...make sure it was reported to game & fish..
That is bad news man. Have the DEC do a decoy deer setup and bust poachers shooting at a fake deer. NY does it alot and busts a whole bunch of them.
Well, I made the call today & I am hoping they will get up here & in the next few days & do something. My mother called last night & the guys was back at it but when I got there they were gone. I pray that they get caught & set an example for others round here...
call the game warden they may patrol more in your may also want to set up a trail camera(no flash) and a deer decoy to catch them shooting the decoy.put the camera facing the road I wouldnt confront them personally,they are all ready law breakers you dont know if they will shoot you or not.just observe with binoculars and get info.type car,plate #,# of guys,descriptions,etc..Good luck and be smart about this
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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