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Welcome to the site. So you are ready to give up? Well none of the rest of us have ever had that problem, our problem is there are so many deer we don't know which one to shoot! Lol. Really though we all go through streches like that. When I'm out in the woods I figure that I'm really fortunate to even be able to do hunting. I don't know how you look at it but it gives me a chance to look around and see what has been created for us. I get a kick out of watching the squirrels, *****, turkeys etc. Heck I even take naps on occasion. If a deer should wonder by great, if not it's ok, maybe tomorrow.
There was a time in my life when if I didn't get a deer I was sure I was a failure but not anymore, so don't be down, it's ok you are a hunter, a special breed of person made to be outdoors enjoying what God has made. You'll be fine. Maybe today is the day!!!!!
Good luck
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