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I am a Fan of hunting pictures, are you?

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I really enjoy looking at pictures of wildlife and hunting. I am a senior at ASU in Arizona and am looking for people to come help me out and post their hunting pictures on my website that is dedicated to pictures and stories. This is a class project, so the more people that post their pictures the better the project will turn out.

Click Link below to go to my site:

Show Off Your Hunt - Home


I tried to find any rules against this type of post and didn't find anything, so I hope not to offend anyone by asking for you to help me out with my class project. Everyone loves posting pictures, come share in other places as well.
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an organization called Peta uses this same tactic to traffic photos of animals that have been killed.
I refuse to fuel those type of organizations. if you are a legitimate student I hope you do well on your project but while I was in school I wasnt allowed to ask others to help me do my class work.
I hope you understand my position. Good Luck to you.
I am defiantly not part of any organization like Peta! But ya what I am doing for my class project is just bringing people together on a site for a single purpose and seeing how successful I can be without major advertising. I am not asking for people to do my work for me, just trying to have people post their pictures and stories. Thats the why my project can be deemed successful or a failure depending on how many people post their pictures and stories. I do understand your position, not looking to have anyone do my work for me or be part of an organization like Peta.
and with little effort you can get all the information you need to complete your project. HM
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