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Deer do not view things in the same way that we do. They really only distinguish a few shades. Its the reason why a hunter can stand around in blaze orange and not be seen by an animal but spotted by other hunters. Camo is virtually a gimmick that allows hunting companies to make more money. my first deer i killed i was wearing blue jeans and an orange shirt. The advantage to camo is that potentially it could help blend you into the surroundings, but generally other factors will come into play, such as if you used detergent recently on your clothes, if your deodorant carries a heavy scent, the direction of the wind, or how quiet you can be.

If you can afford great camo, awesome, but since to me it sounds like you're going gun hunting, and would thus be wearing blaze orange, don't worry about it. I hunt in wisconsin so my environment is different than yours, but it comes down to vantage point, the same as the military. If you're above an animal you're more likely to spot them before they spot you. Thus being up in a stand or on a hill would give you a better chance of getting a deer than being at the same level, especially if their in brush as at eye level you cant see through it but up in the air you could spot them.

basically i'd worry less about having camo on and more about what patterns you have while hunting. If you can afford some new clothes but dont have much cash i'd check out a military surplus store, most of their items will do a good enough job for hunting if you're on a low budget.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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