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Hunting With Cattle

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Well just found out today that my lease will be holding 30 head of cattle the entire deer season, due to the drought we got going. Is this going to ruin my season? I have never hunting around or dealt with cattle on a lease. The property is a healthy 60 acres, with a pond. ive already noticed they have used the deer trails because there is cow poop up and down em. What can i do to maximize my success dealing with these creatures? Ive also got four 40 ft X 40ft food plots that i did last week that are JUST pokin out of the soil, would you barbwire it? im basically disapointed but what can you do? i dont even like beef lol
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the cattle will not hurt your hunting.As for your plots they will mow them down.use the metal stake fence posts and 2 strands of barb wire with top wire around 3' will keep them out.the fence will not bother the deer they will just jump it.Also do the same to any feeders you will have going.just make sure you have plenty of room around feeder inside of fence.dont cramp them up they will not like that
Cattle don't usually spook deer. Around here there are many farms in which deer and cattle can be seen near each other feeding in pastures and such. As Hellbilly said just keep your food plots access to deer only.
Well woke up early this morn' and put to rows of barbwire up, one at 4 foot, one at 2 feet. thanks for the advice guys, another concern i had though, was my boss told me that he hunts on a ranch, and that if he rattles or blows a bleat ( he told me he never had this happen with a grunt) that the cattle come up to his tree like it is their feeding whistle? any similar experiences?
Make darn sure the owners of the cattle know you are putting up wire. My guess if they were to get all tangled up someone may be buying some beef. Just a thought to consider. Good luck.
Same story here on one of my hunting places. 30 head of cattle on 60 acres is more than what the land will support. They will probably have all vegetation dessimated before bow season even starts. On the farms I hunt, this does affect deer movement, but may not totally screw it up. Be careful with getting into you stands. If they see you walking in they will probably come running your way expecting to be fed. Oh...and I have called in cows with the tube before. I would use it sparingly. Even though they are used to seeing each other, I doubt you could call a buck into the middle of a cow herd surrounding your stand. lol
My thoughts are on the same lines as flexj. If the cows are using the woods that are on your land a lot they are gonna smash alot of stuff up. If there are always cows there than your less likely to see deer. I hunted land with cows all around it. The deer usually went through the cow less section the majority of the time or they skirted on the edge of where the cows were. Im assuming this 60 acres is fenced fairly well. Look for deer crossings on the fence. I think you can do well on those fences. If you have a trail cam throw it on a tree where your seeing heavy usage and see what you have wondering around.

I have seen deer in the same field as cows but it almost always seems like they cant see each other. You may have a little rise in the lay of the land that prevents this or a group of trees in the center of a field.

Like flex said dont let them jokers see you. They will walk to your tree and sit there and stare at you forever.

As well I hunted hilly country when I was around cows. So if your only on flat ground than I have no idea how this will affect your hunting.
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Like flex said dont let them jokers see you. They will walk to your tree and sit there and stare at you forever.

haha! That is the truth and then some. I hunt 250+ acres and about 200 of it is grazing/hay pasture. Luckily for me, I have two different entrances I can use to access my property. If you only have one, good luck!

If cows see you coming, they are naturally curious. I can't tell you how many times I have been up in a tree with 50+ head of cattle at the base of my tree. MANY MANY times I wanted to come home with a side of beef instead of venison.

Here's what I recommend if they approach you, sit as still as you can. DO NOT make eye contact w/them. Slowly, and I mean REALLY SLOWLY, after about 20+ minutes, they will one by one, begin to move away. Typically the calfs are first to go, then the hefers are next.

Don't worry though, deer are used to cattle. They are used to seeing them out there, they are used to the cows many noises (including sneezing) so they won't spooke them. :thumbup:
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thanks for the advice guys. i too am at least lucky enough to have two entrances to the property, with a nice little ridge that seperates the two sides. oh yeah cows love deer cane too lol. Ive found an area along a fence row with a large doe trail and 2 small hard to see trails to the side of it, with alot of last years rubs in the area. hung my stand in a large oak tree where they all meet together. sounds like my dream spot!
Good luck to you oklaBH... I haven't even got all my stands set up yet. 3 of them are still set from last year, but I still need to set up 2 more.
If you have too much trouble with the cows, or need a spot to alternate in look on the west side of the river a few miles north of Kaw lake. It looks like a great place to catch a deer moving through, and it's not too crowded during bow season. I think the name of the area to target is Chilocco bluff and North of there. I spotted a nice buck in there last year when we were pig hunting. You need to walk in quite a ways, but I think if I lived over there I would at least check it out. There are usually some bean and corn fields in that area that the deer hit hard, just go in early and stay late. Good luck this year!
The cattle shouldnt bother the deer we hunt a couple of places that have cows on the land.
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