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So as of late i had been working quite a bit as we all have to sometimes. it seemed to be 16 hour shift after 16 hour shift. Well this ended up biting me in the rear. I was hoping to go out for our first week of early muzzleloading here in Virginia. As luck would have it i was late trying to get my muzzleloader sighted in and as luck would have it my scope was done for. Adjustments made were not effective and i was just wasting money shot after shot. So i jumped in the truck and went to the local pro shop and got a brand new Nikon buckmasters with the bdc optical and i instantly loved the scope. Now i had to wait till the next day to shoot due to timing. The next day came i got off work and went straight home to shoot and once again bad luck hit and my CVA began misfiring which had never happened previously. i cleaned it several times and shot again and another misfire. This went on for several shots until i gave up once again. I went home and tore the gun down and began doing a thorough cleaning. Well to no surprise i had found an unknown debris in the breech. Well after cleaning and removing said debris. I went back out and got everything on track and ready to go. Now i am ready to turn my luck around and try to put one down tomorrow with the ole smokepole. As words of wisdom that we have all heard. Dont wait around till the last minute, make time for your priorities. Hunting is top priority. I think we can all agree on that.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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