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If, in fact, your season coincides with the primary rut you are lucky. I am very happy that both the Ky & Tn seasons (gun) seem to pretty much coincide every year. Best advice is to be in the woods as much as possible. Hunting good buck sign, rubs & scrapes, may or may not work well, depending on if they are chasing (looking) or tending.

I like to find a good general area (good sign, including some buck sign) and then hunt funnels. Funnels will always be good locations to spot deer and when/if bucks are "looking" they will tend to follow areas that continue to hold does & doe movement. If you can stand it, find a good stand location, bring your lunch/snacks and plan on sitting there all day.

I've shot nice bucks at times and on days you'd never suspect they'd be up & moving. But, that's what makes the rut (AND the pre-rut, just before does go into estrus) such a good time to hunt. :yes:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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