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hunting season id over for me

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i have put off the honey do list for too long. my entery door to my house was letting water in through the jam. i figured that i could let it go till the end of hunting season, but throughout the season i could see it was dammaging the pergo floor. i thought oh well i got extera pergo left over from when i first layed it, ill just replace it at the end of the season. today i could realy feel my foot sinking into the floor as i walked over that spot and desided to cut away the pergo to keep it from dammaging the sub-floor. when i got the pergo up i noticed the sub floor was totaly saturated, so i pushed on it with my hand to make sure no one could fall through my sub floor. my hand whent through the sub floor.:wallbash: for today i put a piece of ply wood over it for safty. tomorrow ill be replacing the door and about a 4 square foot section of sub floor and re laying pergo.:wallbash:
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no one to blame but my self. im the one who put it off. luckly the floor joist are going in a favorable direction so i wont need to cut away to much of the sub floor. gess thats the only lucky part, well that and no one fell through it. i gota look at the bright side. ill be posting pics of my progress tomorrow.
Stinks about the hunting season but at least you found the damage before the wife fell through. Good luck on the project. I hate messing with that kind of stuff during hunting season.
oh man that does stink, well thank God nobody crashed through and got injured. good luck
a little more good news. i dug the hole in the sub floor back far enuff to get a goo look at the floor joist. it donte even have water stains.:thumbup: floor and sub floor i can handle in a day. floor joist would have been a major under takeing to say the least.
this is not going to be fun. my door has a 81" RO hight, i need to cut the headder to 82" to fit a standard size door.
what a day. glad its over. sub floor is fixed. had to tear into the wall to get rid of mold caused by the water. desided to order a door to fit the opening rather than cut into the header, so i put flashing over the place the water was getting into the jamb to hold me over till spring. then i will put in the new door.
Sounds like a complicated job to me. I'm just a machine man and don't understand much carpentry stuff. Glad you got a handle on the situation NH.
not so much complicated as annoying and tedius. the builder of this place should have been fired. the sub floot was made of MDF and it was not only naled to the floor joist, it was also glued. getting glued mdf off a 2x6 in a clean mannor under the wall took hours of just scrapeing with a chissle. oh ya and they dident sheeth the walls under the vinal sideing so next spring im going to have to take off all the siding and sheeth the walls. yipy.
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