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hunting on small acreage need advice

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my grandma has ten acres that is wooded and about 5 acres that is a field and a big oak tree in the middle of the field the thing is ive got at least 6 or 7 does using the area and they are always bedded down next to the field and any time i try to hunt them they hear me coming and i dont know where or when to set up ive got some pictures of them on my trail cam and id really like to take one this year id appreciate any advice thanks a lot
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Small tracts like that are hard to hunt but not impossible. One thing for sure they will not be there all the time and you will have to try to pattern when they are using it. If you can get in with busting them out you will have a chance.

If you over hunt the tract they get real hard to find. I say pick a trail, find a tree, get in early and stay late.
hey thanks would you suggest putting up a tree stand now or am i out of luck til next season
where are you located? I'd put a stand in anyways, the deer won't stay away from that area totally. Or just find a good spot to sit and see them when they start to move and use the wind to your advantage.
Now may be the best time for a ladder stand or climber, its the element of surprise .
im in the ozarks of missouri so its hard to sneak any where with all the leaves on the ground i have found that making noise doesnt spook the deer as bad ive got some trail cam pics of some nice does always about 8 am im thinking about setting my hang on stand in that area is that a good idea
So the rut hasn't really started yet in the Ozarks?
it's not on full blown yet here in Missouri,, but there are some does starting to come into cycle more and more each day.
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