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Hunting Man's Truck

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Here is a photo of my 2006 F-150 rig. Also, some training on posting.


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Cool truck and great pic . I guess nobodies a Ford man HM. Well I have a Ford F150 too and it has been a great vehicle although I never was particular on what vehicles were better.
Ford is the greatest brand truck on the road today and for the past 32 years!! Nice truck my friend.

HM that's an awesome truck, I Wish I could keep mine detailed that well...
:whistling:Lots of armor all on that "grocery getter ":shocking:Whats it get?5 to the mall 10 to the church on sundays:whistling:I'm just busting them Ford is the only American company that didnt take any bailout money from the government.
Good looking rig.. Fords look nice.. Ive just always been a leaner to the GM side of trucks..

My neighbor drives a powerstroke F250 and I was giving him heck about being a Ford man and that my Honda 350 would have has much luck pulling this huge concrete slab out of my yard.. I had to shut my pie hole as he proceeded to get a chain out of the bed, wrap it around the concrete, lock in his wheels, and pull the concrete slab around my yard.. And then he rolls down his window and ask where I would like to have him put it. Ford gained some respect from me on that day..
Nice truck!

For a ford. :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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