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Hunting Lodge in Argentina!

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(Avid Deer Hunters, read bottom of this post)

If you would like to know about a truly unique dove hunting experience, then you should definitely read this post!

In my travels to South America, I came across Córdoba, one of the most amazingly beautiful provinces of Argentina. This best thing about this province was the overwhelming grey clouds; not normal clouds, mind you, but enormous groups of Eared Dove! It was nothing like my hometown in South Carolina, where you would be lucky to see 15 dove pass you by all day.

When I asked the locals where I could find a good place to go wing shooting, they recommended to me a hunting lodge named Boundaries, run by Octavio Crespo. It is located in the close by town of Totoral, only an hour’s distance.

This lodge had everything I was looking for, and more! I signed up for a three day (six session- morning/night) program, and stayed in one of his most luxurious lodges, Rio de Piedras. On my hunts, I rented a 20-gauge Benelli, had a gentleman load all of my shells in the field, and every time I was thirsty he would be right there to hand me a nice cold beverage! Oh, and during my stay I ended up shooting a record of 3,500 dove!

Not only was the wing shooting superb, but the meals and accommodations are unmatched! As we all know, Argentina is known for two things, their meat and their wine, and Octavio only had the best to offer! And the best is that it was all included in the price they gave me!

This trip made me feel like a king, and truly rejuvenated me, and I feel like I am back on top again. If you think I’m not going a second time, think again!

Best of luck in your hunting travels!

Oh, and here is the site to the lodges if you would like to check them out for yourself!
BOUNDARIES, Argentina Without Limits

··By the way, Octavio also told me about his amazing Big Game program in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where it is possible to hunt Axis Deer and Blackbuck Antelope. Check out the site!!··
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Sounds like a high end hunt but great one! What ballpark price ranges we talking about? Not often do I get someone cooking my meals and serving me drinks on my hunts! :whistling: 3500 doves, how did the shoulder hold out after that many shots in what 3 days shooting?
I to appreciate the fines wines of the world.In particular i enjoy WILD IRISH ROSE AND NIGHTRAIN when im staying at my trailer.:w00t:
Top shelf stuff!:nerd::green::no::wacko:
Ya ghost i remember Maddog and guys i was only kidding.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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