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Hunting in the wind...

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I have hunted hard this week and have only saw deer monday,A young buck giving some does a hard time.... the weather was calm. Tuesday a front started moving thru and the wind has been blowing all day long. I havent seen any deer moving at all. anybody have any suggestions? Im hunting on a private farm in Western NC....
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deer will move in heavy wind. saw it first hand. find the leeward side of a hill or draw that offers some type of wind break like cedars or something, and they can use to stage for the food source. it doesn't have to be thick just have umbrella type trees. they have to eat no mater the weather not to mention they are in it 24/7. just my thoughts.
Ronn once again is right on the money. While in ILL. Ron and I had our best day seeing deer up close in 60mph winds. As long as you stay down wind you can get really close to them. My area was a little diff from Ron's because I was on the lea side of a hill bedding area right up against a food source with no cover other than the hill. With the rut here or at the very least up against the door you need to be in the stand regardless of weather. Nothing will stop deer movement at this point short of a broad head or bullet.
Greetings from Vermont Isaac, Welcome to the Club.

How Deer react to Wind is the most unknown aspect of whitetail Deer.
Deer have been observed doing everything during high winds including eating, bedding and aimlessly roaming.
According to the experts Deer are "unpredictable" when high wind is a factor, One hunter may see them moving while other hunters see them bedding.
Deer adapt to the weather patterns of their regions and react differently. some areas will offer high winds often, while other areas may rarely see high winds and a hunter would think "wind is wind" but in the Deer world how they react to wind over here may be the exact opposite as to how they react to wind over there.

Personally every time I've seen deer moving in high winds they have always had the wind at their backs, so the only advice I can offer is keep the wind in your face and move (super slowly) only a few steps at a time..
(stopping often) because If you see Deer , my guess is they will be heading right at you and you need to see them before they see you.

Good Luck!
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