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hunting camp

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ok what is it with "hunting camp" i've always been a lone hunter more or less. i've never been in a "deer camp". am i missing something? i like sharing hunting stories, thoughts, and tips, with anyone that will listen but here in nh, i haven't done any type of deer camp. is it more of a social thing? is it more deer hunt thing? i take deer hunting to serious to drop the ball even for a moment. sorry but just never been to a deer hunting camp. what is it and is there a difference? how do you all balance the deer camp thing and deer hunting is serious as a heart attack thing? just thought i'd ask.
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its where like minded individuals gather to enjoy the love and camaraderie of deer hunting.Its a tradition to most.i also enjoy the lone wolf style of hunting and prefer it to camp because alot of guys at camp go just to get away from reality the wife,etc..The something to said for both
SOME deer camps are great! We have all kinds here in South Arkansas. We have the stay up late drinking beer,reality shuckers as mentioned above and we have the hardcore serious hunters that will not let anybody or anything take a chance at screwing up our two to three months of passion. One good thing about a deer camp is the ability to buy in on a large parcel of leased land with other members to where more game management can be practiced. I hate the fact of knowing that I'm doing all I can to score trophies and the guy on the next hill lives by the slogan of If its brown its down. If you should ever want to try the camp thing find a respectable, safe, hunt minded group of individuals as to where it doesn't spoil the whole camp thing for you. You can buy in on a lease and be a member without all the drama you may experience at some camps. You just have to pick an area and let them know when you plan to hunt it so some jacka== don't come walking around in the middle of your best day.
It used to be you went to deer camp because it was the practical thing to do. The deer were only in the remote areas of the state and the drive time to get back in to the hunting area was long and difficult. So we would set up camp near the areas we hunted and then just walk into the woods to hunt.

For 15 years we always went to the same place on opening day and it was a tradition. All of my family, Father two brothers Nephew and assorted family friends would just show up at this remote spot in the middle of nowhere and spend the week hunting and telling lies. It was a great time with many great memories and stories of the epic adventures we had.

Now days the deer are everywhere and it's easier to base from home sometimes. Everybody is scattered and has families and responsibilities. So while we do still hunt together on occasion, we don't camp.

I still maintain a hunting camp, actually two, but it's not the same. It's not the camping that makes a good deer camp, it's all the people and the camaraderie that makes the camp. So if the question is are you missing something? That's up to you, I know I do.
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I go solo because I have no friends :crybaby::crybaby:
Well most of my best friends are hunters and being at camp with them is a great week. We hunt very hard as individuals but share in the dragging out, cooking, stories, ect. If it weren't for the two camps that I hunt in I would give hunting up. My fishing trips to Canada are with another group of guys, not all hunters, but equally dedicated to their fishing. I was very lucky at one point when my Dad and brother hunted and fished with me. Camps are not a hindrance to successful hunting in fact it is what makes the experience worth the effort. Seeing your best friends maybe twice/year is why I enjoy camp so much. Even in a camp everyone can be a lone wolf and walk miles to their exclusive secret spot. I tend to hunt the farthest from our camp. I can't imagine not being able to share a succesful hunt with someone, who do you high five with? Going to camp is a hunting vacation it just doesn't get any better than that. Ours is NOT a drinking club as some have indicated, its serious hunting and sharing in the enjoyment and pursuit of it. Oh, and having a camp in a high deer density area helps! HM:ibtl:
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Its more like a family gathering. We arrive at the camp 2 days before hunting, and we treat it just like a family gathering. Good food, drinking some beer and laughing all night long...Until opening day


Its automatically hunting mode, Everyone waking up at 5 am in the morning and going to their blinds. Some people walk back for lunch others stay out there all day and returning at sunset. Then we talk about hunting what we saw, pointers...ect. OF course showing off our deers :) eat some dinner and going to bed at 9pm just to start it all over again.

The huge plus is the extra hands to drag the deer though the swamp we have to go through.
Hunting Man, the camp you describe is the envy of my eye. Too many camps are all about drinking late, hangovers, and empty deer poles due to half hearted atemps at deer hunting. To each his own. I've managed to find the kind of camp you speak of a few times with some good buds over the years......
I go solo because I have no friends :crybaby::crybaby:
Me too. Nobody but Ronn likes to get out there as early as I do.
Ok wmi, what time do you head out to stand? I'm known to leave camp by 5:30 am as I have a 1/2 hour walk. This gives me about 45 min to legal shooting time. Much earlier and you might as well take your sleeping bag. You use a mummy bag????:biggrin:
our camp is on the farm 3 bedrooms, bigfront room,big deck, cable tv,heat&air..we dont rough it...but just being away from town is relaxing,not thinking about work,,just hunting ,or planting,,,mowing its all good..........lit delbert and i are on are stands 1 hr before sun up
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