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We have something like that here in the county I live in. Besides, there's plenty that come down from the big cities (like Dallas, etc.) who hunt strictly for their trophies leaving the meat behind for someone else to collect. Oh, they pay for the processing of the deer along with getting their trophy mounts, and the meat goes to either those in dire need, or those wanting to pay for a little more venison in the freezer. I've worked with one of the local processors for many of the past seasons that I've been home to hunt. He's often spoken of supporting those in need here in the county.

A side note on that --
We were picking some meat up from him one time and my wife mentioned that we wanted to get some extra meat for one of our church functions. We bought some meat for the function, but got an extra surprise when he started pulling meat out of the freezer. We got more than twice the meat that we paid for.
Now you know why we keep going back to him year after year!
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