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Hi folks! Feel free to post your hunting stories and images for the January 2021 Hunt of the Month submissions.

As mentioned in the announcement thread, here are the rules.

1. All users may make one submission per month in that month's Submissions thread. All submissions are welcome. Make sure you get your entry in by the 15th.

2. Please submit one-to-three photos of your game. Editing of the photos through light filters and typical white-balancing are both permitted, but it is to be kept to a minimum; don't photoshop the images. Photos can't be changed once submitted.

3. Your story may include lots of detail, but don't feel you need to share every secret right away. If you win, you can always elaborate if people ask you any questions. Stories should not be any longer than 800 words.

4. If you didn't win with your most recent hunting experience, feel free to submit your story and photos from an earlier outing. However, if a hunting trip won one month, you can't submit it again.

5. Not everybody gets to hunt as often as they'd like, so if you win one month, you will not be able to enter for the next three months.

- Dan
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