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Hows everybody's deer season goin so far?

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Mines goin pretty good already killed a doe with the bow. Been seeing alot of good bucks on my property though but nothing close enough to shoot at.
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Ours in TN just opened last Sat and Ive only had one chance to go. Needless to say I didnt get a deer on the opener. Been busy as a squirrel here lately. Looking forward to everything slowing down and getting to spend some more time in the woods.
Up until last night it's been pretty rough. Caught a bad cold or flue a week before season opened and last night was the first time I could go and not cough the whole time. Had a good hunt last night though.
The Vermont Bow season opens saturday, As luck would have it I'm currently battling a cold.
I'm feeling a little better today but I still may not be well enough by Saturday BUT i'm still saying prayers... :ranting:
I highly recomend Mucinex DM it did wonders for the cough.
Mines been ok only been once so far been real busy @ work but thats finally slowing down gonna hit it hard this month... the one time i did get to go I jumped a whole heard it seemed like... walking to the stand that morning I had 3 different deer snorting and wheezing at me... I thought that they were gonna wage war on me !!! but nothing seen in the day light.. eitherway I'm excited
seaon starts on october 17th here spoke to a buddy today and he just bought a piece of land crawling with deer and got invited to hunt it and stay at the house,SCORE we bird hunt together and i usually give him some of my deer meat every year,now hes returning the favor in spades:biggrin:
Just waiting to get into the field. Got a promotion at work, working more hours until we get a new guy hired. The season is officially open, but haven't been in the stands since they were hung a month ago. I did the laundry with all of the sent killer stuff. Have all of the clothes sitting in ziploc bags waiting for this Sunday when the wife is out of town, and my only day off. If all goes well, it will be a short day. If not, a bad day in the stand is better then a completed 'honey do list'
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