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how would you spend $200

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if you were me?
a nice climeing stand? or a nicon pro staff 3x-9xX40 scope for my .270.
i got one ladder stand (i could sit in all day, but i hate moving it.)and a hang on that i hate sitting in for more than an hour.
and i got a 3x-9xX40 scope on my .270 but i hate it. (it is a wally world special, and it foggs easy.)
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Well going by the options that you presented a climber is way more versatile than a ladder and will get you into a heck of alot more places. Then your scope is pretty much the most important piece to the puzzle because you need to see what you're shooting at and does it fog all the time or in certain weather conditions? I would go for a new scope because whether you are on the ground or in a tree you need to know that your optics can be counted on during that moment of truth.
i should also say iv got a real nice scope on my shot gun i could put on my .270, but its only a 1.5x-5x X32. id trust that scope if my lfe depended on it. then i could get the climer and a red dot scope for my shot gun.
I'd say go for a good set of optics. That way you can at least see what you are shooting at from your uncomfortable "hang on". But that's just my opinion.
If I had an extra $200 I would give it to Toys for Tots or give it to a cause to help fallen Vets.
i have a $200 gift certificant to dicks sporting goods. i looked it up i can get the scope off the net for $130, so ill more than likely be geting the stand and maybee a new hunting knife.
Get what you most need and look at quality first. Happy shopping!
im starting to lean towards a nice game camera. the one i got is junk. i often get pics of nothing but woods cause it takes so long to take the pic than the animal has moved on before the pic is taken. i can always drop that nice scope from my shotgun on to my .270.
I would go for the Pro staff. Just my two cents. Good luck.
went and got the game camera today. seems real nice, the sales guy talked it up even over a more expencive model. but when i got home i looked it up online and the reviews seemed to vary alot. some people seem to realy like it others talked alot of smack about it. any way its a Wildgame IR5X. any of you guys have any exp with this game cam?
NH, hope that works out well for you. I haven't got into the trail cam thing yet. I hunt too far away from home to utalize one, I think.:confused:
I don't know anything about that game cam but it seems no matter how cheap or expensive they are they always get good and bad reviews.
I would save it and wait for the June/July summer sales.
I don't know anything about that game cam but it seems no matter how cheap or expensive they are they always get good and bad reviews.
ya i was thinking about that last night after i made my post. 9 times out of ten if someone is happy with a product they wont bother doing a rewiew on it, and 9 times out of ten if someone is not impresed they will. with about an even # of people saying they are happy with it vs. thoughs who are not i figure most must be happy with it. and to me it seems real nice or i would not have droped the $$$ on it.
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